Shit talker

Welcome fellow Shit talker. Please note, this software contains profanty, and may not be suitable for people under 18.

If you're looking for the coolest automated voice speaking application on the net, then you're at the right place! Shit talker sounds so realistic that anyone you use it on will have no idea they're talking to a computer program, ha! Shit Talker (Shittalker) is guaranteed to provide you with hours of fun.

The Shit Talker voice module application provides you with over 50 preset words and sentances for easy and quick access. These include popular phrases that are used often when communicating with other people. But don't worry, you can also easily customize your own preset words and sentances with the "Quick Boxes" feature.

Shit Talker also comes with over a dozen preset Characters whose voice are all unique to their characteristics. Besides male & female voices, some other Characters include; 'Large Male', 'Child', 'Tipsy', 'Nerd', and many more. Each character has their own unique voice that sounds so realistic you wont believe it's coming from a computer program!
But what if you want to create your own whacky voice??? Well you can! Shit Talker allows you to define your own custom characters and voices, with settings you can modify such as; Pitch (Hz), Rate (wpm), Contour, and Gender. There are literally hundreds of different combinations possible!

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